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Bally Chohan (June 2021)
“I can't begin to explain how professional, fun and fabulously informative you've been Alex! 2 days ago I stood on the scales and had to double check! (definitely not seen the weight displayed in years!!). Thank you for keeping me interested and committed, both things I normally struggle with when it comes to fitness and eating well. Online training has been a godsend in my busy life!”


Tom Brooks (May 2021)
“I am currently training with Alex to fix and get stronger for my wedding. He’s taking me back to basics and educating me on the best way to improve my diet because I didn’t eat great before I started! I would highly recommend Alex as a PT to anyone because he’s not just a great guy he really knows his stuff and actually cares about your progression throughout! 5 stars isn’t good enough for Alex, he is at least 10 stars!”

Suzi Twigg (Mar 2021)
“Meet Alex… he’s brilliant, a wealth of knowledge, full of motivational techniques, nutritional information, positivity… whether it’s one-to-one in person or an online session!”


Phyllis Anderson (Mar 2021)
“I have learnt so much about form, understanding progression and nutrition. He is so knowledgeable, brilliant at explaining things in understandable ways which is all keeping me motivated. Having had PT sessions before I can say Alex’s passion for helping people change and progress is evident, which makes this experience very different to my past experiences. Thank you Alex!”

Sylvester Livingstone (Feb 2021)
“Training with Alex made me realise how many bad habits I had in regards to my posture when training and also my diet. Alex has helped correct all those issues and given me knowledge that I can apply to the rest of my life. Alex has exceptional knowledge which translates easily.”


Josh Vale (Dec 2020)
“I’ve been working with Alex for just under two months, but I feel I’ve made more progress during that time than years of working out on my own. Everything is explained clearly and Alex strives to make sure you understand the reasons why you’re performing certain activities in a fun way.”


Patrick Timperley

“I've been training with Alex for around 4 months, and it has been a really positive experience. He has a wealth of knowledge about diet and nutrition, exercise and training; he is a good teacher, with loads of useful tips and interesting information - and he explains everything so it's clearly understood. Alex is committed to his work and to his clients, thinks about what he's doing, starts from where people are at, is patient, and communicates well. If you're looking for a trainer who is knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable - well, that is Alex…”

Rahul Ravat

“I have been training with Alex for about 6 months now and have managed a noticeable weight loss of around 2.5 stone (16kg). Alex has extensive knowledge of how the human body should work, whether that be through exercise or through a diet plan. Alex always has a positive outlook during sessions and strives towards helping his clients transform not only their bodies but their lives”

Mark Mackey

“I started training with Alex about 4 months ago and I can honestly say how glad I am that I did!  I have a potentially degenerative illness and was therefore keen to proactively do what I can to improve my physical fitness including posture and general movement.  Taking up physical exercise later in life was also quite a daunting prospect and I approached it with some trepidation.  I needn’t have worried as Alex couldn’t have done more to put me at my ease and he researched my condition so that he was aware of it and so that he could take it into account for my exercises! 


Alex is a great coach.  He is extremely supportive, encouraging, and explains things in a really good way that helps me to picture in my mind the way that I should be following the correct technique to get the best out of my routines. He gives you some really good tips about nutrition as well other lifestyle advice in addition to just the physical exercise so that you get the most out of your training


I can honestly say that I feel a different person already and that’s only after 4 months of working with Alex. I would definitely recommend personal training from Alex for anybody that is considering whether it is the right thing to do!”

Ben Kimber
“I had never done anything like it before but Alex made it a very welcoming and simple process.

Alex knows his stuff very well and is highly professional about his training while also being very approachable and making the whole experience enjoyable. I have noticed a huge, positive difference in my strength and weight loss after just 1 month of training. He's also helped enlighten me as to the right diet to follow for my desired results. I highly recommend Alex as a personal trainer to anyone who's on the fence about signing up. Plus I doubt there are many other trainers out there you can talk to about super-heroes!”

Jason Rudkin

“Even though haven't trained me for a few years I did use to work in the fitness industry myself for many years. I did train seriously myself to a point of entering a natural bodybuilding contest when in my mid-20s ie 20 years ago. Found Alex to be very professional and easy to get on with. The workout itself was great as it was a challenge as some of the movements I had never before. Have to admit was a little sore for a day or 2 after but that's only because I haven't been training for the past couple of years. Would I recommend Alex yes without a doubt.”

Yasmin Spark
“I needed someone to encourage me, set a plan for me, and then push me. The sessions are fun and I’m learning new things, In every session, Alex encourages me to challenge myself and I enjoy seeing that progress, I just feel fitter, have more energy and I think I look good!”

Jasdeep Jagdev

“Alex is a confident trainer with great knowledge, he helped me to feel at ease while training and engaged me on subjects most trainers don't. This made for a nice training environment and you really feel it the next day”

Luke O’Downie
“Alex has helped me become the guy I am today with his motivation and knowledge in fitness, He has changed the way I look and the way I am. When I first started training I was 17 stone and didn't know how to change my diet and what to do in the gym but Alex showed me how and I’m glad I did. I'm in the best shape I have ever been in and I have Alex to thank for that”

Princess Pree

“Alex has been my trainer for a short period of time but the time I spent with him, I was able to feel at ease and open up to him about my strengths and weaknesses. Alex is very capable and confident in what he does with the hope to always help you to his best ability to achieve what you desire. He is approachable and easy to talk to. Wishing Alex the very best!”

Dharmesh Bathia

“Alex is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer. His sessions are engaging, informative, and fun whilst also giving you a real workout!”

Tracy Carver

“Alex gives great advice and He doesn’t judge anybody whatever size you are when you walk thru the door, Alex becomes your friend and is always there for you. Whether you are already fit or like I was, barely able to make it down the street without being out of breath. You have been fantastic to me. I embraced Alex’s challenges to improve my diet and lost a stone of weight in the first month”

Joshua Irons
“Alex is an effective and engaging personal trainer. He is able to work at different levels depending on who trains with him. I personally suffer from a congenital heart defect (Truncus Arteriosus). Alex has been able to go to my level. Alex has kept me motivated to keep on going and push myself harder, making me feel more active and as healthy as those without my health problems.”

Faisal Alshammari

“I am a Kuwaiti student studying in Leicester and have been training with Alex for about two months now, he is a great personal trainer and a really nice guy, very good communicator. I can already see and feel the great effect this training is having on my body, the way he mixes and develops exercises is really specific to my needs. He is also really good at encouraging and motivating me, not just with exercises but also with nutrition and health. Thanks, Alex!”

Ross Skinner
“I have been going for a month now and I have already noticed a weight loss, increase in my stamina and improvement in my flexibility.

Alex gives great advice and has an amazing knowledge of the way in which the human body is built and how to concentrate on improving it by getting the basics right first. Alex is great at tailoring the sessions to your individual needs; he gave me personal advice with great results on improving my ankle movement range which was limited due to breaking my ankle years ago.

I highly recommend Alex to anyone wishing to obtain professional fitness advice; I have already brought a friend to his session. Alex is easy to approach, the way in which he approaches the sessions makes the whole experience enjoyable and you don’t feel pressured at all.”

Steve Turnbull

“I started with Alex following a recommendation, to help with my parkour and climbing. A lot of training has been focused on balancing joints and flexibility, but my overall general fitness has excelled constantly since day one. Incredibly pleased with the work I have done so far and every session is varied and fun. I have met new people and made friends, my climbing and parkour have improved, and I am happier in myself”

Jitesh Singla
“I've been training with Alex for a couple of months now, and have found the sessions to be both enjoyable and efficient, fitting well with my busy schedule. Alex is great at explaining the purpose and technique of each exercise, keeping me safe, and helping build the knowledge to look after my own fitness one day. Have already recommended to my friends!”

Olivia Carter

“Alex Hudson is a very professional trainer. He is able to make the sessions fun and challenging without pushing me too hard. After a few sessions, I feel more confident while training and feel fantastic within myself. Thanks, Alex!!”

Gurtej Matharu

“Really good sessions Can feel each muscle working trying something new and different 

Worth even a tester to try it out for yourself”

Victoria Kajrys

“I was looking at joining the army and I knew I needed to improve my overall fitness and strength in order to do this. Alex listened to what I wanted to improve on most and adapted our sessions not only to fit this but also to fit around my busy schedule. I found it really hard at first, but Alex was there to encourage me and after the first 6 weeks I started to see results and was enjoying watching my progress and even started enjoying going to the gym (something I never thought I'd say) -thanks, Alex!.”

Fakrhul Islam
“Awesome trainer! Very good training sessions with Evolve. He’s very passionate about health and fitness and really does go the extra mile for his clients well being.”

Lynton Spencer

“Alex is always constructive with his workouts, he is concerned about your safety, he will motive you to train and eat well, he knows all sorts of exercise from the core to strength and he's well organized and fun.”

Jacey Holmes

“Whilst I am training with Alex I always feel motivated to my full potential and to push myself further than I thought I could, he never pressures me to do any more than he knows I am truly capable of. Alex always makes sure I understand why and how they will the exercises will help me. With his encouragement, I am more motivated than I would have been without him and with his help have become a lot fitter and stronger.”

Alix Farrell
“Alex is a proficient PT and Human Being that greatly motivates and aspires oneself in achieving their hopes and ambitions. His theoretical knowledge and the practicality of that knowledge into motion isn't static or rigid but quite contrarily fluid. This not only supports his ability to constantly learn and 'evolve', but also emanates onto his clients, whom are able to receive full benefit from this state of teaching; as this fluidity is able to provide and deliver information and exercises catered towards his clients wants/needs/goals. He always seems to have an enormous energy reserve and a positive outlook during training and strives in transforming his clients from a non-functional fitness state, into a functional fitness state of physicality that is applicable in the real world!”

Simon Little

“I’ve been training with Alex for only 1 month but in that time I have already seen great improvements in my workouts and performance. Alex created a personalized training programme for me and accessed my fitness level and experience to create a unique programme that works for me. Prior to training with Alex I was pretty sure I didn't need any help with my workouts. I had been training on my own for the last five years and felt pretty confident in my knowledge of fitness. But just one month later I have seen vast improvements with flexibility and overall strength, I put this down to Alex's approach to training and the methods he implements. I believe Alex thinks outside the box when it comes to training. He uses a lot of bodyweight and primitive movements in training which I believe works out much better in overall fitness levels. I would highly recommend Alex to anybody who is looking to improve their health and lifestyle.”

Laurie Pratt
“Alex had a confident approach and made me feel at ease, his encouragement spurred me on when the burn kicked in and he
kept me focused and remained friendly throughout” 


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Evolve - Testimonials final.png
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Evolve - Testimonials final2.png
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Evolve - Testimonials final2.png
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