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Vegan "Anabolic French Toast" Recipe

This weeks recipe in my series of “High Volume, Low Calorie” meals is a veganised version of Greg Doucette’s popular “Anabolic French Toast” Recipe. Greg Doucette is a highly prominent YouTuber and bodybuilder who is all about this “High Physical Volume, Low Calorie Density” approach that I have been talking about. His “Anabolic Diet” contains recipes that focus on recreating classic foods in a way that reduces fat content (and therefore overall calories) while increasing the physical volume of the meal. Being a professional bodybuilder he has a tendency to encourage exceptionally high protein levels (hence the “Anabolic” title), which I personally believe are in excess of what most people need. These high protein levels are usually reached by consuming many egg whites or scoops of protein powder. Both foods which we wouldn’t have had access to in nature, making reaching macronutrient ratios like this with such high protein levels unheard of for most of our evolutionary history.

If you look at other extremely strong and muscular creatures such as a gorilla or chimpanzee, they consume less than 15% of their overall calorie intake from protein sources, but still manage to be extremely strong and muscular by eating a high carbohydrate diet (well in excess of 70% of dietary intake). When combining this fact with the many studies that show that cancer risk increases as animal-based protein intake passes 10% of calories then I choose to aim for more moderate protein levels. I believe that from a short-term, results-focused perspective the protein vs carbohydrates levels are relatively interchangeable so long as the fat is kept low and the total calories remain the same. But from a long-term health and longevity perspective, high carbohydrate intake seems to be a winner as the longest living people in the world live off mainly sweet potatoes! While on the subject, I think it is important to address the origin of the “More is Better” belief regarding protein requirements within the fitness community. When bodybuilders take anabolic steroids