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Formed in 2015 by Alex Hudson, Evolve Personal Training aims to offer a unique holistic approach to improving your health and fitness.

We believe that achieving your goals requires striking the correct balance between EXERCISE, DIET, and REST. We tailor our sessions to dedicate time to all three of these elements through coached workout sessions (EXERCISE), Nutritional advice/planning (DIET), and lifestyle coaching/stress management (REST). So that you can live a happier, less stressful, more successful life.

Three pillars of our approach include: 


 We focus on functional exercises designed to promote natural movements and correct imbalances formed through the stresses of modern life. With a focus on experimentation and play, our challenges keep your workouts fun. We want to enable you to enjoy your hobbies and move efficiently for your whole lifespan. 


Our Educational Approach busts common myths and provides you with the knowledge to look after your body for the rest of your life. Our Team are also qualified teachers allowing us to prioritize your understanding and development in order to empower you to take independent control of your health and fitness long after your time with us. 


No pre-made diet plans to follow. Our qualified nutritionists learn about your eating current habits and use their extensive culinary expertise to create delicious meals based on your current favorites but with nutritional profiles tailored to help you make the most of your workouts and increase longevity.



Alex is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach, registered with both REPS within the UK and EREPS within the European Union.


My specializations include Nutrition, with a focus on Plant-Based Diets, and Functional Movement / Parkour (Qualified ADAPT Parkour Coach.  I use my experience from my parkour background to make all the movements covered in my sessions functional so that they apply to daily lives and real-world situations. Whatever your interest or hobby is you can use your body in the most efficient way to MOVE, PLAY, and have FUN while avoiding injuries and prolonging your health.



In 2013 I qualified as a personal trainer while living in San Diego, California with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the top personal training qualification provider in the USA, and the gold standard for equivalent qualifications worldwide. Upon returning to the UK I began training friends for experience and soon found myself offered employment in a selection of local gyms due to the world-renowned nature of my qualification. I started working for other established personal training businesses and I began to notice that too often the focus on “Fitness” was sometimes at the detriment of “Health”. Extreme challenges and expensive supplements may make the process sound exciting but it doesn’t yield lasting long term results. All too often the client's training was rarely “Personalised” with the same routines and circuits being given to every client.

Prior to my interest in fitness, I had always worked in Education, teaching a range of subjects in schools and higher education institutions (I have a PGCE in Education). I saw that a different approach to Personal Training was needed, one that educated the clients WHY we were doing what we were doing in order to empower them to make sustainable lifestyle changes in order to get results and maintain them long term. 


This is why I turned down roles at other companies so that I could start my own brand offering a friendly, accessible, and holistic alternative to improving health and fitness. In the years since I have helped countless clients achieve their goals and improve their lifestyles. I have gone from renting space in local fitness clubs to set up our own private studio so that my clients can train in a safe and private learning environment without the distractions of modern gyms.

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